Our vision

At Mava we take pride in being different from the rest.
We want to inspire and touch our guests. And by inviting you into our home, we aim to make Indonesia a better home for our people.

When designing our tours, we use a few basic guidelines to achieve these goals.

     + Firstly, we steer clear of tourist traps. We avoid all too commercial
       places, and bring our guests to must-see highlights like the
       Borubudur, Kelimutu or Tanah Lot at a quiet time of day, when
       their inherent spirituality is felt most strongly. 

     + Secondly, we use the limits set by the unique Indonesian environment
       to actively promote slow travel. This assures our guests of a higher
       quality holiday, while bringing more support to our local communities.

We invite you to witness first hand how we, the people of Indonesia, live our daily lives with dignity and humility. How, in this beautiful but volatile and unforgiving land, we toil, strive and suffer, and yet always keep our smile - the warm and generous smile Indonesia is so rightfully famous for.

At the same time we use our tours and the money you pay for your experience as a tool to improve the prospects and living conditions of our people. We empower our local communities by actively engagingthem, to join us in offering you a unique holiday full of authentic encounters. 

We incorporate this respect for Indonesian culture, for nature and universal human values in all our programmes and office practices, because it reflects our personal vision. Our view on life as a constant opportunity to engage people, and on travel as a major catalyst in this process - a force for betterment and positive change.